Game Concept for Presentation

My game is called ‘Doomsday’

Game Cover 2


Genre/Platform/Target Audience

  • Doomsday is a first/third person action shooter 3D game for consoles, which demands you to be the hero and save the universe from an alien takeover.
  • Target Audience: 15+
  • Player Motivation: Tension and suspense with some humor thrown in from character dialogue.

Introductory Cut scenealien vs solider

An Alien lands on earth to steal a formula from a scientist so he can take over the Universe. He throws a force field over one soldier before entering a high tech building. Another soldier faces the battle to stop the Alien in his mission. This is where the gameplay begins.



  • Doomsday is a single player game.
  • It is non linear.
  • Move through the game at your own will, losing and gaining health, ammunition and points.
  • The Artificial Intelligence behind the Non Player Characters will match the protagonist on every level. The Alien will outwit you and the thing will quietly pass by you like a whisper but will leave destruction in its path. The shooters will match you bullet for bullet and the mini robots will make you dance to their tune.
  • The levels will keep the player engaged.
  • Breaks in between the action with character interaction.


  • Kill the alien, rescue the scientist and your friend and save the Universe.

Key Features

  • Action packed
  • Portals give extended gameplay
  • Moral choices
  • Various scenarios and graphics that keep you enthralled.
  • Protagonist (YOU), a character who will embed himself in your life with his oneliners and dialogue. Tough but cool.
  • A Villain who will petrify you.
  • A Thing who will give you a split personality.


The game takes place in a high tech modern building, the street outside and continuing back inside…if you make it! The game also focuses on the other planets in the Universe.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 17.32.16 map example map planets together



solider SC

Protagonist (soldier)– Inspiration from Will Smith’s character (Independence Day) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard series). Similarly the soldier will have a laid back attitude, stays cool. The soldier will also have one-liners throughout the game, which will mesmerize you.


alien 2

Alien- Evil and mysterious. Even though you don’t always see him, his presence is felt throughout the game. Will make you take choices that will morally shake you.



     The Thing-A silently creeping transparent thing that will change you.

Game Universe

  • Shoot your way through the building in search of the alien.
  • In addition, portals open where a challenge has to be completed to collect ammunition and change weapon.
  • Get shot or fail in a challenge you lose health and points.
  • Your friend’s survival depends on your health.
  • Earn power ups.
  • Moral choices to blow up planet or people.
  • You turn evil if ‘The Thing’ touches you and kill innocent people.
  • Bombs explode throughout the game.
  • Endplay the scientist has also been transformed into a copycat image of the alien. Dilemma who to kill?

Portal Challenge Example

mirror maze

Portals opens up into a room where there is a maze of mirrors. Get to the end of the maze to collect more ammo. Another shooter in the maze. Shootout will mentally test you as you cannot determine which reflection is real and which is an image.

Game Mechanics

The camera angles used will be first, third and isometric.

Heads Up Display   

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 18.02.58


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 20.13.44 Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 23.11.39



 Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 17.58.18

   Sound: di-evantile_destroyer.mp3

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