Network Aesthetics – Week 5

Todays lesson started with a recap of assignment 1. Matt told us to make sure we use the work of an academic in our presentations which link with our website.

We then discussed what social groups meant and what a sense of belonging means in groups such as friendships, hipsters, religious, ethnicity, cultural and students.

We then discussed cultural identity.

This was linked to a discussion where we all gave points of views to how now thanks to technology we can meet other people who share that identity. For example, facebook, reddit, youtube, tumblr.

Our physical lives are also being taken over by our digital lives. You can be whoever you like online. You can create your own cultural identity. e.g catfish

The internet is a global network and with this there is also a dark side to the web. There are immoral, illegal and unethical issues.

Silk Road was an online black market and located in the dark area of the of the internet known as the deep web. It would be hidden from view and could only be accessed using the tor network, which would block others from knowing what you were viewing. The silk road marketplace was used to buy illegal drugs and was finally closed down by the FBI in 2013/2014.

Different countries also have different laws and the internet blurs the boundaries. Some websites in some countries are banned because the govenrments feel that they are religiously or politically incorrect. What one country feels is right another country feels that, that website is breaking the law.

We then watched a Ted Talk video. Andrew Blum, a journalist gave a talk about how the internet connects us physically.

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