Experimental 3D – Week 6

During the lesson we carried on with our group essay. We discussed how to improve the essay such as adding more specific details.

We then got feedback from Haris. He said our essay needed improvements in the way each individuals essay was linked together. Ryan needed to add examples for the film and photography section. The conclusion needed to be improved. Haris also told us to think what would happen if the mediums were combined. I needed to add more theoretical points about the paintings and discuss CGI examples. Karl needed to tidy up his part of the music essay and Steven needed to talk about virtual reality.

We decided to have a group meeting on the Monday at 12.30.

After that we carried on preparing for the presentation this week for the game module.

My feedback for the game module was that the concept was too long at five pages and needed to be congested to only two pages so the presentation would last only five minutes which was the maximum time meant to be allowed.

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