Essay Review

Essay Review

Group Essay Question:

In your opinion, at which point does a piece of art become an interactive experience?

In my group were Ryan, Karl and Steven.

We decided that we would discuss various types of art forms. I discussed art which included paintings, 3D street art, 2D art and interactive artworks. Ryan discussed photography, Karl spoke about music and Steven wrote about video games. To link these art forms together and to make a cohesive essay we decided to discuss each of these points with reference to the emotional, physical and creative impact they have on the audience.

I researched the paintings to be analysed and spent some time throughout the weeks in noting down as a viewer how I would interpret them. I found this task simple enough but my mind hadn’t stretched to choosing other art forms. This is where my group really helped me. They explained that choosing the 3D artworks would follow on from our lectures and including 2D works would compliment this. I chose the art works and continuing on from this I suddenly realised that I had not even discussed art works that are actually created for interaction.

I completed my research and through this I felt I made a strong argument as to how and when a piece of art becomes interactive.

We had group meetings on a regular basis. We actually worked very well as a team and everyone pulled their weight. We gave each other hints and tips and always made sure we completed our parts as advised before our next meeting.

This was not an easy essay to complete. The question was quite broad and can be interpreted in many ways and when there are four people in a group then ideas sometimes flow continuously (sometimes too much) and other times come to a standstill. The positive outcome was that listening to other peoples ideas helped push my own boundaries and probably encouraged me to research more and broaden my ideas. We had a good understanding with each other and even though they were vocally stronger I felt that when I showed them my essay they were pleased with my work. We each wrote an introduction and conclusion and linked them together in the essay.

We had feedback from Haris and though he seemed pleased with the effort so far he did feel the essay was a bit disjointed and seemed like reading four different pieces of work. He gave us some ideas how on how to compliment each others work and for us to discuss other art mediums. As a group we discussed these ideas and decided to have a final meeting the day before the essay was due to show each other our improvements.

We had a final meeting and added in more discussion points. By the time we finished the written work the final word count was around 3500. The conclusion was slightly long and muddled so this was worked on.

I was responsible for the minutes and agenda. I uploaded these to slack with the essay before the deadline was due.

I feel the final essay shows a strong argument about when in our opinion art becomes interactive and that we have discussed various art forms to support our conclusion.


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