Network Aesthetics – Week 4

The first part of the lecture we made sure our websites were working. The discussion then continued to the importance of the role of the administrator. The administrator has full control over the site and can determine how and who uses the site.

A subscriber to the site is the lowest level of user. Adding new users can be done manually or automatically. A manual creation gives the administrator control of who is the user. An automatic user entry means anyone can become a user. This is done by a new user form.

We next downloaded a plug in ‘Buddypress.’ This is what we will be using to create our social networks. It allows the user to change their profile, has an activity stream and you can form groups and forums. There are a number of components accessible through the settings. You can select and unselect at any time. On the pages tab, the members page will show a list of members. The activity stream page will show what has been said and by whom. The groups page will show the groups.

We were told that eventually we would need to create pages:

  • Homepage
  • Members
  • Activity
  • Groups
  • Register
  • Activate

I chose a Buddypress theme and installed it (Parallax). Not sure yet if I will keep this one or choose another one. The theme chosen must be able to be customized e.g the text, graphics and links.

The advantage of using WordPress is that no coding is required so the site can be up and running quickly.

We need to design a logo before the next lecture but have been reminded that we are aiming to create a working social networking site for a niche market and that this is more important that making it look exceptionally brilliant. Also reminded that a lot of research is required about this module and all was to be included in the presentation.

Ryan registering on my website to confirm it is all in working order.

IMG_0668 IMG_0669


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