Game Ideas

The Escape

The soldier jumps out of a window of a building onto the roof of a car. He had been kidnapped by a terrorist. The terrorist is standing at the broken window and shoots down at the soldier. The soldier starts running through the city. The terrorist also jumps out and follows the soldier and a chase takes place through the streets of a country like Morocco or Turkey. It seems like the whole country is against the soldier because everywhere he runs there are obstacles for him to overcome. For example large pottery pots rolling at his feet so he has to jump over, rocks coming down from buildings, shattered pieces of glass raining down, has to avoid a snake pit,a car almost running over the soldier and he has to jump or go round. He is trying to get to the sea where a boat is waiting for him to escape the city. All the time the terrorist is making chase and he has a gun and grenades which the soldier has to avoid to stay alive. The soldier has no weapons but has to stay alive avoiding obstacles and the terrorist and get to the sea.

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Zombie Horror

An adventurer enters a forest in search of treasure. As he goes through the forest the tree start falling down and he has to avoid them. The further in the forest he goes the trees fall down faster. If he gets hit by a tree his life of 100% loses 10% each time. Once he comes out of the forest he arrives on the edge of a graveyard. He enters and has to avoid the zombies with their laser eyes. He has 3 grenades on him and he can choose to use one or all to eliminate the zombies. If he gets lasered by a zombie then again he loses 10% of life. If he manages to escape the zombies the graveyard leads to a house. The house also contains various obstacles and challenges which e.g trapdoors, shooting arrows, spiders etc he has to overcome to reach the treasure which is located in the chimney. Everytime he fails a challenge he loses 10% life and the challenge is to see if he can reach the treasure or does he die.

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Bank robber runs out of the bank and jumps in a car. He drives off and a police car with an armed officer inside goes after him. The robbers car crashes and he jumps out and starts running. He has a lot of weapons on him where as the police officer has only his gun. The chase begins through the streets of the city and a shootout starts between the two. The officer is controlled by the player and has to avoid the bullets from the robber. As they enter buildings the police officer has to make decisions as to where in the building the robber is as the robber is faster then the officer and is outrunning him at every point. Whoever shoots the other first wins the game.

Around the World in an Obstacle Way

A type of assault/obstacle course on the famous landmarks around the world. For each landmark you have to start from the bottom and climb up but as you climb up there are different obstacles in the way e.g as you climb the pyramid rocks are being thrown down, boxing gloves come out to punch you off, shooting stars attack you, bats fly at you, water cannon, oil spillage etc. Every landmark has a different assault course. You start with a 10000 points and the stopwatch starts. Every time you fall off you lose a thousand points. On each landmark you have three lives and once you have used them up you have lost but if you get to the top then you go to the next landmark on level 2. Each landmark is on different levels which become harder and harder to climb with more obstacles in the way. Once you have climbed all the landmarks the game ends. The person with the most points and the shortest time is the winner.

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The Number Game

You have big numbers 1-10. On each number you have to get from the top to the bottom like you write the number. Each number is on different levels so the game gets harder. On each number you have a type of assault course or obstacles you have to pass. If the obstacles beat you then you lose but as you pass each obstacle you get points. The person with the most points and shortest time wins.

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