Preliminary Idea for Game Design (Not 100% confirmed)

Creature Attacknot sure yet of final title. 

Concept: A polluted river underground is creating creatures that are overtaking the city. A soldier needs to kill some of these creatures, collect their blood and mix it with the chemical he has bought with him to create an explosive mixture. He then has to find the polluted river passing all the obstacles on the way. Once he reaches the river he throws in the mixture, which creates a mushroom cloud killing all the creatures.


  • The game is set in the present day in an over run city.
  • Buildings have been damaged, plants overgrown, cars overturned.
  • Game opens with a newspaper headline reporting the story.
  • Soldier is dropped from a helicopter into the city.
  • Creatures start appearing.
  • Choice: Kill larger creatures, collect more blood.

               Kill smaller creatures, collect less blood.

  • As you kill the creatures a bar along the top of the game shows how much blood is being collected.
  • These creatures have laser eyes and can shoot at the soldier.
  • If they hit him then he loses 10% of energy.
  • Once his energy goes down to 0%- Die or choice, not sure yet.
  • He also has limited ammo, counter counts down the shots.
  • Not sure yet what to do about the ammo yet. Not sure if he has any other type of weapon.
  • Once he collects the full quantity of blood a message pops up to inform him to find the entrance of a tunnel.
  • The clue to where the tunnel is that he can see coloured vapours coming up into the sky and has to run towards there.
  • Again may have to shoot his way through. Might change this and have some sort of other obstacle.
  • Drops down into the tunnel and then has to avoid green puddles of poisonous gunge.
  • If he steps on the gunge then he loses some of the collected blood.
  • Choice: Go back up, kill and collect more blood. Has to use bare hands to climb back up but if he falls down again loses energy 10% intervals. This is added to any previous energy lost and once it reaches 0%-dead.
  • If he decides to stay in the tunnel then he enters a large room where there is a creature he has to find and shoot to make up the blood loss. You can not see this creature but can only sense him by maybe low hissing, light shadow on the wall. It moves around very quickly. You have a time limit for this. If killed within a time limit move onto entrances. If time limit exceeded then what? Not sure yet.
  • Next stage, there are many entrances to tunnels where he has to make a choice which one to go down. Each tunnel has various obstacles. Or another idea is a maze like the London Underground where there are also obstacles. Not sure how to progress this idea yet.
  • Obstacles: Creatures clinging on soldier, how to get rid of them?
  • Poisonous vapours
  • Big waves of water
  • More ideas to come up with.
  • Once reaches the river then he has to take the chemical and mix it with the blood.
  • Need to come up with an idea about how to make this part of the gameplay exciting. Chemical might become lose in his hands by some attack? Still deciding.

Short term goal: To pass each stage, therefore collect blood without getting killed, save energy etc

Medium term goals: To pass each stage, therefore collect blood, then enter tunnel, then enter maze and basically keeping the blood and chemical safe.

Long term goal: To reach the polluted river, throw in the explosive mixture and kill or the creatures and become a hero!






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