Xampp Download (PROBLEM!!!!!)

In principal this seemed easy enough but trying to download this at home has caused me many headaches and about 6 hours of work but still no success. The first day xampp downloaded fine but would only let me download to applications folder. Tried downloading buddypress but kept coming up with the message to enter ftp server details, hostname and password. Tried various options but nothing would work. Gave up but confident that wordpress had downloaded as I got localhost/wordpress in the url and when I clicked wordpress site would appear.

Next day went to check but got ‘message safari does recognise server.’ Deleted all the software and downloaded Xampp again. This time WordPress downloaded again and I even named it ‘Artastic.’ Tried Buddypress again but no luck again. Kept sending me to the page asking for ftp server details etc. Again tried variations including log in details, went to php admin page copied info from there, googled the info, checked forums but crazily nothing worked and yet again when I logged out and went back in the next day again it did not recognise my wordpress download using Xampp.

I have not been able to download successfully yet. Also it will not let me download to harddrive and only to the applications folder.

Asked other students but they said there download was not working either. One to check with the lecturer next lesson! Frustrated……

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 00.00.33


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 00.00.54


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