Network Aesthetics-Week 2

The lesson started with a review of last weeks lesson, therefore social networking, fibre optics, the internet, worldwide web and the infrastructure. Reminded that the internet is the infrastructure and www are the pages.

Reminded that the assignment was to create a community website. It was also to be more about the aesthetics than the technology.

Various students spoke about their ideas for the assignment. We were reminded to profile users within the community and reference our ideas with an artistic context.


The lesson continued about wordpress. We were told the differences between and .org is a source code and like the engine whereas .com is a commercial company. We would be using this ‘engine’ to put our ‘body’ on it. We have to download wordpress .org. We also have to download ‘xampp portable,’an open source cross-platform web server.We can put it on a usb stick and transform it into a server. Also told about ‘Buddypress’ which is a plugin for wordpress. A plugin is software that you download to make an application do something that it can not do by itself. BuddyPress helps you run any kind of social network on your WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.


This is a database for use in web applications. SQL stands for ‘structured query language,’ and is the most common language used to access databases. It is very robust and therefore can take a lot of data. It can contain anything from shopping lists, pictures, wall posts and anything in between. MySQL is an open source software.

Open Source

Open source software can be down loaded free from the internet. It can  be used by anyone and also modified.

PHP Language

This is a scripting language and is used for web pages. It can be embedded in HTML. It also supports a wide range of databases.


X=cross platform, A=Apache HTTP server, M=MySQL, P=PHP, P=Perl

This is a free cross platform web server. We were shown how to download it and also to download it in a clean USB stick so we could have a portable server. This was so we could download WordPress and then buddypress so we could begin assignment one; therefore create a social networking site.

After Thoughts

The class also discussed the type of users they would like to join their sites. Did we want anybody and everybody or was your site going to be more specialized. I have decided to open my website to university students around the world but to join they must sign in with a legitimate university email address (similar to the beginnings of facebook). I am also thinking about letting employers join. These employers will from any art media companies  film, magazine illustrators etc. They could look at the work and maybe find people suitable to their organisation to employ.






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