Interactive Gameplay – Week 1

Assignment 1

We were given assignment in which we have to come up with an idea for a video game and give a 5 minute presentation to our group.

Assignment 2

Whichever idea the group votes for is the game that will get created by the group.

Our Board Game

We were put in groups of two to create a board game on paper. We were told that if we could make a game on paper then we could easily create a video game. I partnered with Dhruv.

The inspiration for our board game was snakes and ladders.


  • a team of zombies
  • a team of survivors
  • each person has to move their 3 zombies to the finish.
  • the person who moves the most zombies wins.
  • if you go on a card square on the playing grid then you have to follow the rules of the card.
  • each person gets one role of the dice.

IMG_0630 IMG_0628


After some of the students played our game they gave us feedback. They said

“it was a bit confusing as to why you needed three zombies”

“there was too much bouncing back and forth and the game could not be finished”

“it became boring and repetitive”

“this game was created for 2 players but could it be redesigned for 4 players?

“the cards were interesting”

A lot of interesting feedback and plenty to think about. Not so easy designing a game!!!

We also played other students games and gave feedback. No one’s game was perfect but some were more complicated than others.


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