Group Minutes for Essay – Assignment 1

Minutes Assignment 1







 Week 0

We discussed the essay title and debated whether to talk about one topic or discuss various art forms. We discussed what the lecture was about and how we could use some of the points made. Some of the topics mentioned were photography, film, games, animation and art. At this time we were not sure how we would proceed and decided to think over it.

Week 1

Steven made a facebook group so we could update our progress. We also decided that we would discuss various art forms in the essay. It was decided that Steven would discuss games, Karl would write about films, Ryan chose photography and Sa’ad would write about art paintings. Each of us are going to aim to write 500 words each for the individual artworks and then add extra paragraphs for the introduction and conclusion.

Towards the end of week 1 we updated the progress we had made on facebook.

(so far it is mainly research)

Week 2


During the lesson we spent about 30 minutes discussing how to improve our topics. We decided to come up with a theme that would link the essay. In each topic we would discuss how emotionally, physically and creatively you would interact with the art.

Scan 4


We decided to have another group meeting the next day to discuss the ideas we came up with along this theme. All seems to be going well. No disagreements as yet. Working well together and ideas coming along. Team is also very helpful. We decided to have at least 500 words each for our individual topics for our next meeting. We also had to find a quote each to link our essay with the theme that we had chosen. Therefore connecting our essay topics to how art was interactive physically, emotionally and creativiely.

IMG_0637 IMG_0638

Week 3


We met up before the lecture and looked at our essays. We gave each other feedback but were pretty happy with each others work. We still need to fine tune our essays. We are going to do this and then have another meeting to put our individual essays together and create one essay to complete the assignment.


Week 4


We met up before the lecture and looked at our essays. We gave each other feedback and linked our essay together on my mac. We have colour coded the essay so we knew which part each person wrote. It is only a draft and still need to link it in a way that makes it read as one essay and not four different essays.IMG_0662

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 15.21.45

Week 5


We met again and worked on ways to link the essay. We moved some paragraphs around so it would read better and feel like it was one essay. Again we realised there was still room for improvement. We discussed furthur what else was required. We also needed to increase the word count.

Week 6


IMG_0671 (1)

We had feedback this week from Haris. He pointed out where improvements were required. We needed to link our parts better so the essay would read more cohesively. We also needed to add more variety and do further research on individual parts.

Haris told us to make sure we discussed the different art mediums through physical and emotional feelings. This would help answer the essay question better and use linking sentences to join our different parts. Ryan needed to add examples for the film and photography. I had to add more theoretical points about the paintings and add some points about 3D rendered art. Steven was told to talk about virtual reality. Karl was going to work on the conclusion.

We were happy with the feedback and decided to meet on Monday at 12.30 for a final meeting before the essay was due in.

Week 7



We met today and spent about 3 hours finalising the essay. We had already completed the core part but just needed to link it together and form a final conclusion. Towards the end of the session we had practically completed it but the word count was over by about 500 words. This could be reduced by rewriting the conclusion. Karl  graciously volunteered to do this at home. He will email the final written work to us all and hopefully we will be good to go.


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