Experimental 3D – Week 0

First week of university and back from the summer holidays. We had a new lecturer called Harris.

“More than 10 mins late and you will be locked out of the room!” After this comment I realised  how serious the lecturer was about teaching us and I am glad he is focused.

The first part of the lecture was about the modules we are going to be taught for year 2:

  • Experimental 3D
  • Interactive Gameplay Design
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Digital Narrative
  • Network Aesthetics
  • Virtual Space

These modules are interesting and I feel inspired to learn new skills and develop my knowledge of the different software packages.


Experimental 3D

  • Theme: Glitch
  • Manipulate 3D images in new and exciting ways
  • Experiment with 2D and 3D

Interactive Gameplay Design

  • Start on paper
  • How a game can be created using simple objects and then translate into the 3D environment

3D Character Design

  • Not facial animation at this point
  • Animate a character to tell a story

Digital Narrative

  • Create a narrative through film/ game/ website.
  • How can you communicate a story through art
  • linear and non-linear narratives
  • Characterisation – making it believable

Nerwork Aesthetics

  • Websites / social media
  • How databases work on these sites
  • Forums

Virtual Space

  • VR Technologies
  • VR Theory
  • How it improves people lives.

Next, he spoke to us about how we should approach our learning:

  • We have to be more independent
  • We have learn more skills about software
  • We have to be hardworking
  • Be focused and practice
  • Learn how to work in a team.


All the students discussed their expectations for this year. I explained I want to learn more skills in different software packages.

Experimental 3D

We discussed if this image was 3D or not. Initially it feels like a few pieces of string being shaken from both sides but as you view the image you can see the depth, shadows and reflections which give the image a whole new meaning. You can also see the image as 3D because of the lighting and textures of the strings.



We were given assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Group Essay

‘In your opinion, at which point does a piece of art become an interactive experience?’
Post – Photography
The lecture was about post photography. Traditional photography was more mechanical and chemical, whereas digital photography is about a subject that exists in real life and is then transformed into virtual. Post photography is also about the way people take photos and not just the technology being used.
Digital photography is new and has unique features. It has made cultural and social changes around the world.
  • It is cheaper.
  • Everyone can use it anytime anywhere.
  •  Lots of shots can be taken quickly of one image.
  • Need to photograph everything rather than taking photos which have personal meaning.
  • Originality is difficult to find now because there are so many similar photos being taken by hundreds of people.
  • Everyone is a photographer now.

The Fake and the Real

Impossible objects can never be constructed. They are seen as virtual images and it is hard to believe what you are seeing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 19.49.19

This image is impossible to see in the real world. A heavy building just cannot be leaning on the lightest of feathers. Constructed as a virtual image it just seems that this might be a possibility. The unimaginable becomes real.


It was initially hard getting back into study mode but soon realised I had to get my brain back in working order. Being deaf I do struggle to hear everything said by everyone but I can get the idea behind all the discussions.

Todays lecture was quite easy going and simple to follow. I never thought about photography in such detail before but after all the analysis of post photography and how photography has changed over time I realised that the camera in your hand (whatever type it is) is more than just a tool for taking images. Those images have meanings which have changed over time but we still are interested in capturing our memories.

The fake and real images definitely make you think and wonder how these images are possible. If you don’t know about the magic of manipulating images you would wonder how these were even possible.

This semester I am really looking forward to experimenting with 3D. The interactive gameplay design is a whole new experience and the network aesthetics sounds interesting.




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