Plan for Essay

Has technology changed communication? 

We were given a choice of essay topics. I chose the above topic because I really feel that the way we communicate has changed dramatically with the invention of the phone. I wanted to see how far this change had taken place and if it was here to stay. Communication is a basic human need and therefore needed further investigation and research.

Paragraph 1 

Introduction to what communication is and how it is changing.

Paragraph 2

A short introduction to smartphones and how they are small computers in your pocket. Also talking about how our lives are ruled by these phones and whether or not it is a good or bad thing.

Paragraph 3

Give some views from specialists about their views on the role of smartphones in our lives.

Paragraph 4

A short point about being available anytime and anywhere.

Paragraph 5

Write about how messaging has overtaken speech using the phones.

Paragraph 6

Write about how abbreviations and images are used for messaging. Include what this is doing to society.

Paragraph 7

Choose a digital artist connected to this essay.

Paragraph 8

Monkey Survey results


Paragraph 9



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