Lecture Posts

Wednesday 18th February 2015

Visited the Lisson Gallery

25th February 2015

We were given a variety of topics which we discussed in groups and then gave a small presentation. These topics turned out to be different ideas for a 1000 word essay that we would have to do this semester.

I chose ‘How technology has changed communication’

4th March 2015

This lesson discussed more ideas on our essays. We were also told that we would have to create a animated infograaphic linked to our essay. This is when I realized I would have to write an essay that could be interpreted easily using images.

11th March 2015

We had to find images relating to our essay topic. We also began planning our infographic

18th March 2015

This lecture was lots of information about the pioneers of computer history. I have written individual blog posts about them.

25th March 2015

This lecture discussed how art and science have combined to become one. It was also about how technology can control our behaviour. For example how mobile phones have changed the way we interact with our friends. The lecture continued about how human civilization was like utopia (perfect/fantasy world). Various books and authors were mentioned:

  • Utopia-Thomas Moore
  • News from Nowhere-William Morris

The lecture continued about ‘information society’ and how knowledge is available everywhere. The lecture was also about photography being recognized as art, productivity and how anything can be duplicated. Images are also more powerful than text.

 15th April 2015

This lecture was about how our identities are exposed in the digital age.

22nd April 2015

This lecture continued with the amount of surveillance that exists in the digital world and also the advantages and disadvantages.




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