Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

This book was written in 1932. It is set in the future with the dates starting from when Henry Ford first made the Ford car. This timezone was chosen because it was seen that mass production was stability and good economically for world order. Things were done on a conveyor belt system with workers knowing their own jobs. This is basically what the author has taken for his storyline but everything including human babies are manufactured in factories with each person created to have their own specialized place in life with different intelligence.

These people call themselves civilized but live their lives taking drugs and being entertained. It is normal to have many partners as one night stands but no relationships are formed. The world has all the futuristic transport and facilities.

Outside of this world is the ‘savage reservation.’ A world very different from the other. This place is more like the world that existed hundreds of years ago where illiteracy is normal, tribal traditions happen and marriages, births and deaths happen like we know them.

This is the setting for the story. Along the way we are told about different characters from both worlds and how eventually the two worlds clash. A savage enters the civilized world and he is treated like something from a circus. He is a wonder to these people and is used as entertainment. The savage can not understand this modern world and is unable to fit in. He tries to form a relationship with a woman who has fallen in love with him but even this is not possible because their lives are so different. Eventually he sets up home by himself but he is still treated as a circus animal and ends up taking his own life.

This book is very descriptive and makes you think how different worlds can be and what happens when different societies try to come together. It is still relevant today where people do not understand each others cultures and traditions and how people do try to integrate with each other. The author was maybe to forward thinking when he wrote this book in the 1930s and imagined how the future would be. There is a lot of description and you really have to use your imagination to try and immerse yourself in the book.


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