Video Production 2-Week 6

Our title sequence had started to take shape but the music still needed to be sorted. We all came up with different background scores. We wanted something with attitude. Individually we chose different music and all were quite similar in their context. We finalised the music and were all happy with the tune.

We also brain stormed title names and came up with a variety ideas:

Mad dogs

Gangsters Aloud

The Pranksters

We are it!

The crazy trio

The Fab Detectives

Game is on!

The Bold Guys

The Fearless

The Match

We decided to go ahead with ‘The Crazy Trio’ as we felt this was the title that described the attitude and tied in with the video with all three of the group playing there roles to perfection we thought!

Choosing the typography was more time consuming as the opening credits had to show the same emotions as the sequence. We finally found the font that we liked and worked it in photoshop. The result was very effective.

We thought we had the final video but as we looked at everything together we realised a few tweaks were required. The editing needed to be sharper and the music linked better. After a few more editing sessions we finally had the final video.

I feel as a group we worked really well together. We communicated all the time and completed the work within the deadline.


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