Video Production 2 – Week 1

We had to choose our own groups for this project. Me, Dee Kay and Steven linked together to make our group. We were given a brief to create opening credits and watched a few videos on this topic during the lecture.

We brain stormed various ideas. For example, comedy, crime, depression and thriller sequences. In the end we decided to go with an idea along the lines of a crime/thrller video.

description: based on hollow figures. These individuals who are psychotic in the head but deemed healthy by society. They do not feel or see the world in the same way as everyone else

Video shots which have a photo mask of the charactors. Detailed and quite close up portrait. Headshots. Based on a desk.. office type, files detective work, etc etc

Document film

Time lapsed video elements

Close-up shots, dark film-noir

Sepia, muted, obscured colour palette

Unfiended: facebook. Seriall killer that uses facebook to find its victums

3 characters

  • Saad
  • Steven
  • Dhruv









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