Infographic Animation Improvement

My initial infographic colour combinations and images needed improvement. I received feedback from my tutor and began my animation again according to suggestions she gave me.

The first thing I needed to think about was the colour scheme. Initially I was going with the colours of the google logo as I wanted big and bold colours to have an impact. After discussing with the tutor I realised I needed  more subtle colour tones for the images to have the required effect. I went through a variety of colour palates but because I feel really inspired by the twitter infographic I went with an ocean colour scheme. Once I started with these colour tones I could see how effective they were working in my infographic. It was a simple choice but the subtleness and  variety of shades gave my animation the desired effect.

Ocean Colour Scheme



These are various images that I designed in photoshop to use in my infographic. At first glance you would think the hearts are not red but blue, but I came to realise that sometimes things should not appear as they really are to make the final piece more effective and to make it work as a whole.


Heart (Red) Heart (Blue) Heart (Green) Heart (Light Blue)  music 2 music 1music 3 music 4

people 2



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