2D Infographic Poster


First Poster

This isn’t really a poster but more a jumble of images from my essay that I put together. I wanted to put the images together to get an idea visually as to how they would work together. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to try and untangle my essay to create an animated infographic with some kind of logic behind it. Funnily enough this time I found the essay a little easier than the images because I realised that I would have to create each visual and then animate it in a sequence that others would understand. The more images that I added the colour combinations started looking messy and weird to the eye. Even though these are the colours for each individual object, together they did not work.

Infograph Poster 2

Second Poster

This is my second poster. There has been a lot of improvement from the first one. I have created all the images on this poster in photoshop. They are all used in my animated infographic. I think this poster works better as it has a narrative explained visually. The colours are more complimentary and the images clear and easy to recognise. I think that this poster links to my essay and animation quite effectively.



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