Infographic Animation Scene

Scene 1: Title roll out: ‘How technology has changed communication’

Scene 2: Lots of different colour mobile phones falling down like raindrops.

Scene 3: Earth in normal size and then shrinking. ‘Technology is shrinking our world beyond imagination.’

Scene 4: Showing old style telephone. ‘Originally a simple tool to make voice calls.’

Showing the latest smartphone. ‘ Now a small computer in your pocket.’


Scene 5: Showing iphone with all the different social media popping out from the screen. ‘The information age has arrived in everyone’s pocket.’


Scene 6: ‘Is it a positive or negative?’ (the title coming out adding the thumb signs).


Scene 7: Positive: Man standing next to his mobile phone and hugging it like it is his best friend. Will show hearts around this image and a speech bubble saying BFF.


Scene 8: Negative showing a person holding his head with lots of beeping sounds around from the smartphone. Megaphone with icons coming out.


Scene 9: Showing your hand with the mobile phone as an added finger.

‘The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life and they are indistinguishable from it’

Scene 10: Showing the earth spinning around. Clock coming out from behind the earth and phones everywhere. ‘We are all available anytime and anywhere.’ 24/7


Scene 11: Showing two people back to back messaging and not talking. (Maybe showing lots of people messaging and not talking even if they are face to face). ‘Texting is more popular than face to face conversation.’


Scene 12: Showing a mobile phone with emoticons and acronyms jumping out. ‘Txt Speak.’

Scene 13: Monkey Survey showing graph

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