Infographic Animation Inspiration

I have been looking at different types of infographic animation videos.  These are my inspirations for my infographic.

Video infographic animation 

This video is exciting to watch. It shows clips of many different infographics so you get a wide variety of ideas. The colour combinations and background music on each video gives lots of inspiration for my video. There are plenty of flashing pictures regarding mobile phones, apps and survey ideas. All the vector shapes and lines will help me to make my video even better.


I like this video because it gives a short and concise history about how mobile phones have changed. The images are graphically very simple so your concentration is not confused with any complicated, colourful flashing pictures. The colours used could be more impressive and vibrant because the actual images are so simple. The background music is very quiet and the voice over without any character in it. More exciting music without the voice over would have made the infographic more exciting and informative.

I would use the simple image ideas for my infographic but would use more vibrant colours and background music which excites the viewer.

This is an infographic about the history of twitter. It uses the colours of the twitter logo. The graphics are very simple and easily understandable. In the space of a few minutes you know everything there is to know about twitter. I like the way the title of the infographic pops out of square shapes. I feel the background music and the voice over could be more exciting and the sound of the voice more passionate.


information is beautiful infographic


I like this poster because of the simple design. Just a few lines and circles are enough to get the information across. The curve of the lines makes the design even more impressive. I think there is too much text and this takes away from the beauty and simplicity of the design. More images and less text would make the poster easier to view.




This infographic poster is a good example of how data can be shown at a quick glance. The various shades of colours in each column are complimentary and easy on the eye. A lot of information is displayed in a small space. I created a survey using the ‘monkey survey’ website and will show the collected data in some form and hopefully will be as effective as this poster.


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.55.01

I chose this poster because of the variety of typography. I need to choose a style for my infographic and this poster has many ideas. The colours work together even though the writing is not linked in any way.






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