Virtual Culture

Virtual Culture

Identity and Communication in cybersociety p1-55

Steven G Jones

This book is about the way the internet and other computer communication technologies are being used by various people. The author writes how this development of technology has helped in the development of Western society. He goes on to say that the internets development did not require independent structure but used existing infrastructure like the telephone system

and existing cable television installations. He writes that we are now all connected in cyberspace and when we are not communicating with each other then we become distant from each other. Time and space has no meaning whilst online because the internet can be used anytime and anywhere. It has also come to isolate individuals.

Various communities have been created through the internet. People finding each other in chat rooms, reading the same pages online or showing an interest in similar topics have created groups of people who otherwise may have never interacted. We also lose ourselves as individuals in these communities. Cyberspace provides us with a public space to express ourselves creating many different personalities of ourselves in different communities. We can also remain anonymous in communications and disappear from communities as quickly as we appear in them with just the push of a button. Jones continues to say that individuals full potential can not be realised without the community they are part of guiding them.

The internet comes with its own laws and legislation. The author explains it is a difficult field to regulate and their have been many debates as to how, when and why to do this. Censorship is another issue and though the internet is a public forum providers have to determine what messages to post. Jones believes there is a collective group within the computer mediated communication that believe in the freedom of speech and individual liberty.

The author believes that the advancement of communication technology has resulted in a new community in cyberspace which has opened up new debate about behaviour, rules and regulations.

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