Information Arts, Intersections of Art, Science and Technology,

Art and science as cultural acts is an article about the merging of art, science and technology. Wilson believes that the artist does not just use established science and technology methods in their work but help to move this forward and discover new ways with science and technology for their own art works. He believes in the union of these subjects and that they are not independent of one another. He believes and his research has shown that the future of all these disciplines will be enriched by this amalgamation. Wilson says that science and technology can be analyzed like art and therefore discussions and research can happen to develop more modern techniques for the art world. He asks lots of questions in this article to understand how art and science belong together in the cultural world.

Contemporary artists use various disciplines e.g. Sciences and information technology and their studios are more like science labs then just art rooms with only pots and paints. Wilson mentions lots of artists who use the latest technology and scientific research to create art like never seen before. He goes on to state the similarities and differences between science and art.

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