Being Digital – Nicholas Negroponte

Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte

Negroponte predicted some of the advancements in technology almost 30 years ago. He believed that computer technology would change the workplace, home, schools, television and film. He believed that the digital age would be part of our lives and would be the corner stone of everything we do. He predicted correctly that space and time would be irrelevant for communication and how emails would be the preferred medium to communicate. He also questioned as to what else advancements in technology would bring to change the way we would communicate with each other. Negroponte realized that digital life would also include technology to demand tv programmes and broadcasts as and when you required. He also questions the problems that could occur from the fast technology revolution e.g more software, learning curves to keep up with the technology, identity theft.

This book is an interesting read to learn about the rise of the digital age and the future predictions. It is interesting to see how many have come true and how many have still yet to be realized!


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