Digital Culture – Charlie Gere

Digital Culture

Charlie Gere

This book deals with the topic of the changing face of the digital age. Gere believes that the start of the digital age is not anything new but originated late 18th century and exploded in the last 20-30 years. He also says that digital technology has become integrated in every part of our lives, for example the invention of the internet, video games tv and film. Technology is all around us even when we go shopping, do our banking or go to work. Whether we are relaxing or working technology is dominating our lives. This has also merged with our cultural lives including art, music and film. Gere believes the development of digital technology and digital culture occurred because of the demands of the times. For example wars, industrialism and artistic development.

Charlie Gere has correctly stated that digital technology is part of our every day lives. From the moment we wake to the minute we sleep we are surrounded by the diverse amount of technology that make our lives easier and more exciting. Our identities are also now digitally stored on different computers that there is now no hiding from the digital age! Globally we have shrunk because of all this technology and the future holds many more developments that will make our lives even more digitally rich and diverse.



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