Technology and Social Transformation

Technology and Social Transformation

Communication and Virtual Communities

I will be researching how the changes in technology have influenced the way people communicate personally (texting, BBM, Whats app, Viber and on social networking sites (Facebook,twitter and chat rooms).

Methods for Research

  • I will be visiting the local, college and British library.
  • Going online to find website and articles.
  • Visit the information age exhibition in the science museum.
  • Questioning people about their experiences of using social networks and personal messaging.
  • Checking out the technology news. Such as click on bbc news


  • The Dumpers (2006) by Golan Levin
  • On Translation: Social Networks (2006) by Antonio Muntadas
  • Sinister Social Network (2006) by Annina Rust

Reading Material


  • Digital Art: Christiane Paul

Page: 232 – 237

  • What you really need to know about the internet: John Naughton

Page: 96 – 106

  • What is Online Research? : Hooley, Marriott and Wellens

Page: 8-13

  • Elgg Social Networking: Mayank Sharma

Chapter 1

Communication Technology

By Everett M. Rogers


Chapter 1




Professor Barry Wellman







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