The Lisson Gallery is exhibiting New York artist Tony Ourslers work. This is his first exhibition in over five years in the UK.

This exhibition is about using technology (algorithms that are used to scan people at airports etc) to portray his sculputres showing his interest and exploration about facial recognition and continues with his theme of humanist artwork. The artworks are large photographic images modified to show the artists interest in communication and identity. Each sculpture has a character and represents the population by showing that we are all supervised in some way by technology.

Seven images are in the main gallery and confront you as you walk in. Each of the giant photographs are marked with lines and dots showing the facial recognition systems used by immigration and law agencies around the world. By viewing these photos the artist wants the audience to see themselves in a different light, exactly the way the machines that were created for the purposes of facial recognition see us, therefore people having the same features.

There is also a projection which flips through faces. These faces have make up on which makes the technology feel that facial features are different, therefore the artist now showing that humans are not controlled by these machines.

There are also some missing panels from the photographic pieces which the artist wants us to understand that parts of our identities are incomplete. These missing panels also show that facial recognition technology is still quite new and needs improving.

Initially I was confused about this exhibition because all you see are photos in different forms and it was hard to understand how and why facial recognition technology could be used in art. As you progress through the gallery you begin to understand the concept the artist is trying to portray and all of a sudden you become immersed in the artwork. You suddenly realize that the face is more than just the features you see and even though facial recognition techniques group us together we are all still individuals.

imgres-1 imgres OURS_INSTA_15-Custom

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