Burning Desire-Mariko Mori



Burning desire is a glass print photograph of five images that are dressed in religious clothes. They seem to be worshipping in a desert with four of the figures dressed similarly and each engulfed in flames.

Why are they sitting and worshipping and above all why is one figure raised and floating above the others not in flames but wearing clothes that look like she is a goddess and has a ring of rainbow around her?

This image goes back to the artists strong religious and Japanese background. It shows peoples strength in their faith and religion that even in flames they are sitting calmly as Buddhism is a religion for your soul and is known for its peace and tranquility. The burning figures seem to be worshipping to the floating goddess that they aspire to become. The flaming figures could represent the journey to “nirvana” which is the highest state a person can attain after burning away all their human desires. This art work is Mori’s vision of reaching paradise, therefore the image of the pure goddess type figure with the halo of colours above and after burning away your desires and sins in this world.

On the other hand if you view this piece without knowledge of the artist it can be seen that if you commit evil you will burn forever in flames but if you are good in life you will rise to heaven. The image is taken in an isolated desert as if judgement is going to be passed on their life and either they will be risen or explode in flames.

The image is printed on five large glass panels which creates a huge cinema like image. You feel totally immersed in the image and it feels as if you are also going to be judged.




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