Mirror City Image Analysis

Black Hole-Mohammad Qasim Ashfaq


Mohammed Qasim Ashfaqs art piece Black Hole III, 2012-2013 is simple in its design and colour and on initial view looks like a circle simply coloured black. However close up you become astounded at the hundreds of detailed precise lines and dark tones that seem to create a star from out of this world. The design of the lines as they disappear into a central vanishing point makes the viewer feel as if they are being swallowed up by a black hole fulfilling the desire of the artist as the title of this piece shows.

Ashfaq artworks are inspired by his interest in space and science fiction and are very exact and precise in nature. This perfection is opposite to the chaos of the real world and as you view the Black Hole you become curious as to what life could hold in an orderly and disciplined world as the precise nature and perfection of the art piece demonstrates. On further inspection and by looking at the work from different angles the shades and tones of the art changes very slightly and you really do feel as if you are falling through a hole and may or may not land at some destination.

The first impression of the Black Hole is of peace and tranquility as all you see is a round black circle but as you take your time over the piece the hole takes on a life of its own and seems to be moving ever so slowly through space swallowing up everyone who dares to take their time staring at the Black hole.

Photo Montages-John Stezaker

0fa9bb6d-fa87-4328-a274-6de95b65e6d5-620x611 MC_John Stezaker_PC url

John Stezakers photo montages are created from photos of Hollywood stills and seem to create a story within a story. They are not just two photos put together for the sake of art but the photo montages feel as if it is the original photo. The photos are cut using what seems like a surgeons knife and cut with straight angular lines. They are easy on the eye and without any thought process it is easy to interpret the photo montages.

Stezaker has a number of photo montages on display and the way he decides which photos should become part of one photo montage shows the sense of humour of the artist. Each montage is amusing, entertaining and very clever.

Choosing black and white photos also enhances the mystery surrounding the originality of the photo as much of the audience today will be unaware of the films these stills are taken from. Also by using black and white photos the photo montages are sharp and distinctive and feel they have more of a story to tell than simply a photo stuck on the wall.

Stezakers work is one of the easier pieces on the eye at Mirrorcity and definitely easier to interpret. Placed in one horizontal line on a white background you become immersed in the work and feel there should be many more montages on display for the audience to appreciate and be further entertained.






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