Ben Laposky (Mathematician and Artist 1914-2000), 1969

“Since the technology of electronics has become such an important part of modern life, it is inevitable that it be employed in the creation of art.”

David Stout (Visual artist, USA)

“Machines have the power to become the ultimate interactive art-making tool. Computers are becoming postmodern blenders bringing together images, sound, and interactive, nonlinear space.”

Christiane Paul, Digital Art, page 111

“Digital art found a new form of expression with the advent of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s.”

Bill Gates

“We are in the throes of a transition where every publication has to think of their digital strategy.”

Richard Stallman (Computer Programmer)

“Sharing is good and with digital technology sharing is easy.”

Mike King, Computers and Modern Art: Digital Art Museum

“In fact it was the technology that drove the early computer art experiments as much as the artistic influences of prevailing art movements.”

A History of computer Art-Victoria and Albert Museum

1990 onwards-The term ‘Computer Art’ is used less frequently to describe artists and designers working with the computer today. Many artists who now work with computers incorporate this technology into their practice as just one tool amongst many that they may use interchangeably. This is part of a more general shift towards artists and designers working in an increasingly interdisciplinary manner. Many no longer define themselves as practitioners of a specific media.

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