King.M. Computers and Modern Art: Digital Art Museum – Critical response

The Digital Art Museum is a research project and an in depth review about where digital art started from and its pioneers. Dr King states that art, science, maths and spiritual are the grounds for the creation and development of digital art; and he wants to acknowledge all those involved in this movement and the development till today.

It provides so much detail that if you have no background information about art and its history you can get lost in the text.

The introduction is easy enough to understand but as the article continues it jumps backwards and forwards describing different times in history and how this also affected the art world.

This article combines a history lesson with the development of digital art. If you are interested in understanding today’s art, this article will help you understand how new ideas were formed but if a simple, quick explanation is required then this essay like walking through a maze.

Even though there is a bibliography it would have been helpful to have links to websites to obtain more information throughout the essay. This would have made it easier to understand the different movement and time in history stated.






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