Conceptual Digital Art Analysis – Laughing Bones

‘Portrait of an American family’

Conceptual Digital Art Analysis


This image looks like two different photos joined together. The black and white picture and the Victorian clothes put together show that this is an old image with an old fashioned family portrait, however the television sets used as heads showing more modern programmes confuses the viewer.

The message being conveyed in my opinion is of the differences in the past and present family time and their interests. For example in the Victorian times families had the time to spend together and take time out to get dressed in their best clothes and have a family photo taken but the invention of television changed family life forever. The image further goes to show how every family member has different interests and this is conveyed through the different images shown on the screens.

This is an image of two different eras but joined together they make the viewer question family life past and present and how watching television has become more important than spending time with the family. If you want to analyse it deeper you can question how the latest technologies of today continue to interfere with family time.

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