Art of the Brick Exhibition

I went to the Art of The Brick Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery on Thursday 16th October and it was very exhilarating and inspiring viewing the creations made just with plastic bricks. Who would have thought the blocks I played with as a child could be turned into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Art of The Brick Exhibition is all about lego 3d sculptures created with thousands and thousands of bricks of lego. An American artist, Nathan Sawaya is the brilliant and artistic creator of these jaw dropping creations.

He created 3D models of people, portrait images, animals, objects, food, the environment, sports, planets, etc. and everything is mind boggling.

The artworks are placed on different stands and some similar pieces are grouped together. The area was dimly lit and had spotlights directed on each piece, however the sculptures are not so easily viewed. You want to see each brick gone into making them but I think because the bricks are brightly coloured the curators have gone with the darkness.

The exhibition evokes a lot of emotions as you can be happy viewing some pieces and then there is a piece of a man holding a dead woman. It is definitely a roller coast of emotions!

I feel like getting out my lego again!

Some of the photos I took.

Scan 2


100_3495  100_3465 100_3509 100_3492 100_3472


This exhibition is definitely worth the ticket price and appeals to all age groups. Excited to see what pieces of artwork the artist will create next with lego….

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