Abstract Digital Art: Image Analysis

Abstract art is independent from reality and is a visual language that portrays the artists ideas and feelings. Geometric shapes, lines, different colours, textures and tones come together to form an artwork that is not a recognised image.



This artwork is created by Nicolas Monin-Baroille, a German digital artist.

The title Project X does not give you any idea about what the image represents. It makes you wonder and question the image and look at it from different angles to try and interpret it.

The visual effect is of energy and movement and it feels as if a piece of coloured glass has shattered and frozen in time. This piece is made of geometric shapes and the colours are the most commonly used and compliment each other.

The image can be interpreted in any manner and there is no right or wrong. Sometimes it looks like a bomb has exploded in town and when I look again it looks like fireworks exploding or a light show. If you long enough you feel like you are going to get swallowed up by the image.

I feel excited by this image as it can talk to you in different ways.


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