Abstract Digital Art: Image Analysis – Frieder Nake, Hommage a Paul Klee

Frieder Nake, Hommage a Paul Klee

Abstract Digital Art Analysis

63154-large 58376-large_290x290


This artwork is inspired by an oil painting by Paul Klee called “Highroads and Byroads” (1929).

Nake was mathematician and a pioneer in computer art. He wrote computer programmes and was inspired by the vertical and horizontal lines in Klee’s painting to create his version of the same (1965).

Nake programmed the computer plotter to form different shapes following the original painting and once the plotter started drawing it turned out different geometric shapes forming an image to look like abstract art.

The visual effect looks like scribbles by a child but once you understand the history of the piece and the pioneering methods used to draw this image you have to respect the intelligence of the people to bring computers and art together.

The image today looks very simple but 50 years ago this image drawn by a computer would have been groundbreaking and looked extremely complex.


Computer abstract art has come a long way but like its beginnings it is still created with simple geometric lines, shapes, colours and interpretation of the art is left to the viewer.





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