Photo-Montage – collage image

During the  lesson, we looked at Photo-Montages and combining pictures past and present to tell a story.  I liked the Tony Blair selfie with  the explosive background showing his involvement in Iraq war. I thought he was funny but disrespectful.

I went to the library to get books with black & white and colour photos. Scanned pictures to make future/past images. I created a photo montage using photoshop tools.

My Photo-Montage

Draft Photo-Montage

future past with volcanoe background

This is my first idea. There is a volcano in the background and the a photo of a man taken in black and white. The story behind the montage was that this might be his last cigarette. He cannot be bothered and does not know whether he’s going to live or die. My first idea is not good enough because just the man and volcano mean nothing and somehow this was not working for me. It also didn’t show much skill on my part.

2nd Draft Photo-Montage

future past 1


This is my second idea of Photo-Montage and I have added a dog. The man is the same as the picture before and the dog is there to help him get away. I don’t like this picture because you cannot tell it is a dog. The photo of the dog looks like a cleaning brush and I didn’t think this man was in any mood to clean up the volcanic lava!


Final Photo-Montage

cold place

This is another attempt of my photo-montage. The image is about war. Shows this black & white man ( might be the enemy) just standing and smoking acting like he can’t be bothered and is not afraid about anything especially whether or not he will be attacked by soliders or the soldier jumping out from plane. The lone man just wants his last smoke before he might die and the soldiers are celebrating that they have got their man. I chose the winter scene as many wars are won and lost during the coldest months and shows the strength of those fighting in worst conditions. Also the colours give the montage a nice contrast.

I scanned these pictures from different books.

  • Advanced black and white photography
  • The worlds top photographers -Landscape (Terry Hope)
  • The nature of the photographs ( Stepen Sure)
  • Behind the view (Elizabeth Handy)
  • Digital Arts (Christiane Paul)

My feedback was that the final image is a bit busy  so I had to improve it.

Improvement 2

I have changed it with no soldiers.


Changed background but still looks wrong because it does not make any sense.


Changed background but images still do not make sense because it’s not connected.



  Final Photo-Montage 



I have changed the background and added a  car and old lady and now I think  the image connects.  This photo-montage  shows  the black and white image of a man standing up having his last smoke and another man coming to attack him. The lady has  stopped the car and is looking at the two men and wondering what is going on.

I preferred this image out of all the others and thought it gave the viewer a more cohesive narrative.

Took many attempts but finally got there! Using the tools was easy enough but just creating an idea became a little confusing.

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