katsuki nogami – Favourite Digital Artists

Katsuki Nogami created iPad people. He uses the iPad to take photos of people in the street. He took photos of people in Tokyo and Berlin and then he swapped the faces so Berliners became Japanese and vice versa. They placed the ipad in hooded tops and it looked like their real faces and changed their identities in a single second.

The reason for this project is to explore and investigate different culture and identity and to show people can communicate with each other even if they don’t understand each others language or backgrounds.

I find this fascinating because as a deaf person I often find it hard to understand others or make myself understood but when you see the interaction of different cultures in a simple experiment like this you realise there is always a way to get the message across. People just have to be more tolerant with each other and understand that each individual is different from the other.


33A_performance1 imgres


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