Joseph Delappe – Favourite Digital Artists

Joseph Delappe is a professor of Digital Media at university of Nevada. He was born in 1963 in San Francisco. He studied between 1983-1990 in different universitys in America. He worked with electronic online gaming performance, sculpture and electromechanical installation. He has showed his work all over the world. His work is about politics, war, protests, work and play. Through his work virtual and real he wants to make people involved and understand and question what is happening in the world. Some of his work includes:

  • Walmart Terrorist – He created an experiment of a terrorist avatar person shooter game at Walmart store and it is similar to Call of Duty.


  • Self Portrait as Monster Truck – Second Life avatar. I think it is quite unusual and am intrigued why he would have this as a self portrait. It is a video of lots of trucks entwined together walking through the sky. There is no sound and it is hard to determine the mood of this piece. It is definitely something to think about…..

  • The Drone Project – He created a 3D Predator drone as a memorial for the 334 civilian drone casualties from Pakistan and he wrote their names on the drone in Urdu and English. He used low-residue polygons of yellow corrugated plastic. I like this project because it is a memorial to people who died by drone attacks and is important for the present so people can always have a reminder about what is happening in the world.

Delappe’s work makes you question more than the artwork itself and engages the viewer in the social and politics of today.



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