Digital Artist 2

Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau are two artists who found ways for public to interact with art. They started in the 1990s and had to develop software and hardware interfaces to make this happen even though it was very expensive. From 2000 onwards the interactive art became more popular and new digital technology made it possible to create different types of media art.

They experimented with artificial life project and their artwork “A-Volve” (1994)had connection between physical and virtual world. Visitor to see their work would draw a shape with finger on a touchscreen which would produce 3D animal that would be alive and start swimming in real water as simulated images. You could move the creature around with your hand in the water. This is how the real world and virtual world would come together and people would interact and be part of the artwork.

I really like this work as it gives people a chance to create life and decide how it should react in the water. The visual make it a great viewing experience,very entertaining and almost like playing computer game. Looking at it today the graphic and colour is very dated though at the time this was one of the most exciting and new generation artwork.


Christiane Paul (2008), Digital Art, Revised and expanded edition, London, Thames and Hudson ltd


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