Digital Artist

Jeffrey Shaw is a Australian media artist and important person to help create and make popular interactive media art. ‘He addressed issues of navigation in connection to architecture in his landmark piece The Legible City (1988-91)’. (Paul, 2008, 72)

He worked with digital installation art. He wanted people to interact with art work. One of his most important work is called ‘The Legible City’ (1989). The project is about people cycling a stationary bike in front of a screen showing computer generated 3D letters which form words and sentences about city of Manhattan. The letters are used as part of the real architecture of manhattan and based on the map of the city.

The bike rider is in control of the speed and direction of the bike going through the 3D letters of Manhattan. This is how Jeffrey Shaw enables real person to interact with the virtual world.

This Digital installation was very expensive because in 198o-1990 the components to create this had to be specially made and software invented.

I like this project because the person decides which way to travel. In 1989 the images look very different to present because right now we have HD and better coding to create more realistic and out of  the world experiences.


Christiane Paul (2008), Digital Art, Revised and expanded edition, London, Thames and Hudson ltd

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